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Vital Proteins

Sustainably-sourced collagen for a full, vibrant life.

Vital Proteins was looking into revamping their site in order to push their brand as more of a lifestyle rather than focusing on the product itself.

The Team

Vital Proteins

Coder Inc. - Development Team & Project Management

SRW - Content Creation / SEO

Me - UX/UI Design & Architecture

Project Details

Length of Project - 3 Months

Final Deliverable - Mock ups for a mobile responsive e-commerce website. 


On first glance, the site looked very dated.

Image content was very "stock"

Pages were very type heavy

Navigation and architecture confused users


SEO showed that users were not going to the site to shop but for the recipes from their blog.

Vital proteins sold the majority of their products through Amazon.


Create a more contemporary layout and navigation and a better shopping experience for the users without sacrificing SEO advantages.  

Interviewing the ideal users and understand their frustrations and needs

Initial thoughts from users confirmed the companies hypothesis of being too type heavy and feeling dated. 

Users did not feel confident about the navigation and felt that most of the pages were overwhelming.


I needed to hear the needs from target users that the frustrations for about their site actually existed and that they targeting the correct problem.


Distilling the information that I gathered from users, stakeholders, and SEO information. I built 2 personas based on gathered information and companies goals.

Lauren Hall

Lauren is 32 and a practicing immigration attorney in Chicago, IL.

She has been casually going to yoga classes for the past 2 years but feels like she is feeling her age in her joints.


Lauren does not consume any health products currently but is not opposed to them, and feels comfortable ordering them as long as she feels like she has done enough research.  

Jake Simmons

Jake is 35 and in ad sales in L.A.

Jake currently enjoys attending his local Crossfit gym 4 times a week.


Jake has tried protein powders in the past with little to no results. He is rather susceptible to diet trends or even items gear toward his personal lifestyle.  

Design Direction

Solutions need to create a feeling of confidence in the product by educating them as well as creating a site that may help consumers see themselves in the product.

Web Desktop Redesign

The navigation was simplified to three items with additional drop down items and distilled many of the redundant educational/ research pages into something more digestible.

The hero image is a video that will play a short informational video about vital protein's product and lifestyle.  

Mobile Web Responsive

Thanks to the SEO research done by SRW we saw about 40% of traffic coming from mobile devices.

The mobile design has very much gear toward the lifestyle projection of the brand and how shoppers may browse depending on their personal goals.

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