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People are not putting their best foot forward when it comes to self-care. Clinics are seeing decreases in overall visits and repeat patients.

To comply with my confidentiality agreement I have omitted and appropriated confidential information.

In Korean, Kkachi means Magpie, which is known to be a beautiful song bird, but is also known to forecast a visit from a welcomed guest.



This concept was a personal project to explore the healthcare system to see what sorts of solutions that I could come up with when it came to everyday health.

My role included researcher, architect, and UI designer.

The Challenge

I was having lunch with a friend and learned that she refrains going to see her physician because she doesn’t feel organized. Initially, a medical record organizational app was created to put her anxiety at ease in order for her to feel confident to see her physician. However, many other people seem to share her distaste of seeing a physician.

The goal was to produce an interface (digital or physical) in 3 weeks in order to help clinics get patients in the door on a regular basis.

The approach

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